Sunday, November 7, 2021

Autumn Natives

 Gotta' admit, casting a fly rod is just as addictive as archery shooting or workin' out on a good boulder problem... "OK, time to go home - one more cast and I'm out of here"... 

... next thing ya' know it's an hour later and you're still workin' your way several hundred feet downstream.

Usually tote along an 'Olympus TG-4' compact camera if not an SLR. Always the TG-4 if moving alone (most of the time). Always like to have a perception of scale in landscape images when possible, usually showing a bit of action. Tough to do when alone and behind the camera. Got to messing around with the TG-4's Interval Shooting function, with some decent results (other than the goon).

Local native trout stream

Some rugged hiking - there's a trout stream under all that limestone breakdown

Worth the effort to reach a few nice holes

Some tight casting - gotta' expect some snags

Best hole on the Run

Always have to stop and check out the potential lines on this very cool boulder. A few more on the hillside  above. Gonna' have to hike up and check 'em out one day. That thought occurs every visit.

Snapped an image of our rig while takin' a break. Dragontail Tenkara Mizuchi zx340. Telescoping to 8' - 9.5' - 11' lengths. Fully collapsed (pictured) 25". We run a 10' furled line with 3' 4x tippet. Those tenkara rods really open up the small streams. We wouldn't even be up here with a regular fly rod.

Those native brook trout are pretty cagey. Bit of a game trying to draw 'em out of all the rocks and crevices they like to lay. Two or three (if any) is a good day. Our personal record is eight. Usually 3' - 6" length. 

Over time have caught two native rainbows in this stream

This is pretty much optimum stream level (our opinion)

Played a decent sized brook laying under that rock ledge for probably forty-five minutes. He'd follow after about every tenth cast, just close enough to get ya' amped (just so ya'd see 'em, I figured), before darting back under the ledge. Never did strike. After a while you're wondering who's playin' who.

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