Sunday, April 25, 2021

Ugly Stick

 "... ya' got'a git someth'n shimmery and shiney fer that fish to go-at when yer ah fish'n!"

                                                                                                                    - Festus Haggen  

                                                      Festus just wrote the book on "fish'n"

An old original 'Shakespeare Ugly Stick' rod we've had since they 
began selling those things, with a just as old Daiwa spinning reel - we
were lookin' for a good backpacking rod at the time

Two Rapala minnows with 1/4oz and 1/8oz Dardevle lures

All we've ever needed for the Yough. We stick solely with hooking small steam natives with the Tenkara rod now'days, but spinning Rapala's and Dardevle's and bait casting the bottom will always be real fishing to us.