Saturday, June 5, 2021

What Not: Water Therapy/Fossils/Goin' Our Way/Mr. Moto

 "... you see, ya' can't please everyone,
so ya' got to please yourself..."


Occasionally ya' get the entire lake to yourself...

...we got it down to a knack

Always the local backwoods river trip...

...worth every bit of effort

We hobbled around nearly eight months, including all summer, last year nursing a fractured kneecap. Seems to be all better - still - between that and cookbook viruses we'll plan to step up our water therapy. 


Muscle Girl Sarah has an eye for this stuff...

(MGS photo)

...aways sees the forest thru the trees


For anyone interested, we're gonna' shut down the website this year - not gonna' bother with renewing the domain hosting and such. We began the site around 2006. At the time there was no YouTube, Vimeo and the like for presenting videos on the internet. We tasked a brilliant guy named Jeff Walter with figuring out a process and have been using Jeff's system up until about two years ago when Jeff retired. With the termination of 'Flash Player' last year the video content has subsequently been unavailable for on-line viewing access. We're forward thinkers around here and really don't care to rehash old work. Considering the archival content of much of the material we may upload selected shorts to YouTube in a private account and link 'em herein - our ongoing contribution to "duty and humanity". However, maybe/maybe not - we're a bit of control freaks and try to avoid being "subjects to the system" as much as possible (we've never had on-line accounts such as FaceBook and such, don't own a smart phone - an old flip-phone will do - have only ever sent probably three texts - don't read 'em either so don't bother - been in Walmart only ever less than ten times - been dealing with the same, solitary Japanese photo-buyer, the "mysterious Mr. Moto", for the past 25 years - he just recently retired, too).

Speakin' of which:

Good luck Mr. Moto - we'll be movin' on... I'm sure we'll be talkin'


"If you gotta' play at garden parties, I wish you a lotta' luck
if memories were all I sing, I'd rather drive a truck..."

                                             - Garden Party (1972)/Rick Nelson